Real Estate

Albena Invest Holding JSC /AIH/ is present in the real estate sector mainly with activities related to properties for commercial purposes, cultivated land and project development.The company's real estate business is focused on rent of office and commercial premises and storage area in the cities of Plovdiv, Varna, Gabrovo and Dobrich.

Through its subsidiaries, AIH owns and manages and offers for rent office and commercial premises and storage area in central locations at competitive prices.

In the city of Sofia, AIH owns and manages several industrial properties which are well located and are considered to be low-risk in terms of investments.

In the project development area, AIH offers land for development by potential investors. The cultivated land business offers stability in time in terms of revenue coming from products for which we have a market, though product prices may fluctuate.

AIH currently owns and rents cultivated land of approximately 3,200,000 sq.m., the major part being of 3d and 4th category according to the international classification of cultivated land which uses a scale from 1 /the best quality/ to 10.