Dobrudjanski Textile JSC

Address: 9301 Dobrich, 2 Angel Stoyanov Str.

Phone: 058/ 60-16-89



Dobrudjanski Textile JSC has emitted 95 210 shares with a nominal of 1 BGN each, out of which AIH owns 89 199 shares /93.69% share capital/ at December 31, 2011.

In 1931 the company was established as "Dobrudjanska Industria" a company specializing in the field of cotton fabric production. In 1947 the company was registered as Dobrudjanski Textile.

In 1998 the factory was privatized, Albena Invest Holding JSC becoming the major shareholder.

Dobrudjanski Textile has ceased its production operations and offers all company properties for rent. These include office premises, storage area and parking area. The production platform of the company splits over an area of 55 000 sq.m., the built area of which is 19 000 sq.m.

The building complex comprises of a textile department, preparatory department, mechanical-repairing department, sartorial unit, storage area, steam zone and its own water source.

Contact Person: Ms. Genoveva terzieva, phone + 359 879 99 09 22.