Bulgaria 29

Address: 1619 Sofia, 1 Nichola Petkov Blvd.

Phone: 02/857 21 29

Fax: 02/857 46 59

E-mail: bulgaria29_rental@mail.bg

Website: www.aih.bg

Bulgaria 29 JSC is a company from the AIH portfolio and has emitted 481 806 shares with a nominal of 1 BGN each, out of which AIH owns 418 879 shares /86.94% share capital/ at December 31, 2011. In addition Albena Holding JSC owns 32 554 shares representing 6.76% of the share capital. The remaining shareholders are 651 natural persons and 1 legal entity.

The main scope of business of Bulgaria 29 is property rent. The total area of property for rent amounts to 11 072 sq.m. Bulgaria 29 JSC was established in 1929 in Sofia with basic activity production of cotton threads which over a long period of time have been sold both on the Bulgarian market and exported.

In 1997 the factory was privatized, Albena Invest Holding JSC becoming the major shareholder.

In 2007 all production activities were ceased and the company started to rent out its storage area, which has become its major source of revenue. Premises are built over a total area of 52 000 sq.m. comprising  two production halls, storage area and office premises.

The premises for rent are located in a close connection to the Tsar Boris III BLVD and Okolovrusten Put /the Ringroad/ in Sofia.

Contact Person: Ms.Vania Ivanova, phone +359 2 857 21 29 and +359 879 99 00 56.


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