History, Mission and Vision

Albena Invest Holding JSC /AIH/ is a public holding company, established in 1996 as a result of the mass privatization process.

The AIH scope of activities include acquisition, management, assessment and sale of participations in Bulgarian and foriegn companies; acquisition, management and sale of bonds and debentures; acquisition, management and sale of patents, transfer of rights for patent usage to companies in which AIH participates; financing of subsidiaries and other activities.

The AIH capital is in the amount of 5 500 000 /five million five hundred thousand/ BGN written and paid-in. Number of shares – 5 500 000 five million five hundred thousand ordinary voting dematerialized shares by name with a nominal value of 1 BGN each. All shares emitted by AIH are traded on a regular market basis. All company shares belong to the same class – ordinary voting dematerialized shares by name, each share giving the right to vote, dividend and liquidation share in proportion to its nominal value. The AIH shares are subject to unlimited transfer in accordance with all legal regulations.

The AIH Statute does not envisage any restrictions to the transfer of ownership of company shares or to the process of approval of the company or a shareholder to the process of share transfer. AIH has not emitted shares from a different class.

The AIH shares are traded on a free market at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia.

Since its establishment in 1996 , the company’s portfolio structure has changed and its current main sectors of operation include real estate, tourism, transport and machine- building. AIH applies a conservative management approach with results ensuring the security and stability offered to investors. The company relies on a limited market growth in the sectors it is represented in.

Our main purpose is to increase the investors’ profitability. The company aims to offer investors an attractive profitability together with the opportunity of increase in dividend and capital profitability, achieved through precisely developed investment and management strategies.

The stability of AIH is supported by the positive results achieved in each respective year since the company’s establishment. The company has distributed dividends to its shareholders for each year except 2000.