General Information

Albena Invest Holding JSC /AIH/, a public company, has emitted 5 500 000 ordinary voting dematerialized shares by name with a nominal value of 1 BGN each. The major shareholders are Albena Holding JSC and Albena JSC, holding together 48.11% of the share capital as of December 31, 2010, followed by several pension funds. The remaining share capital is split between natural persons 35.60% and legal entities 16.29%.

Since its establishment, AIH has distributed dividends to its shareholders for each year except 2000.The gross dividend for 2009 is in the amount of 0.40 BGN per share, for 2010 being 0.50 BGN per share.

The market capitalization on an unconsolidated basis is in the amount of 31 million BGN as of the beginning of 2012, the price per share being 5.70 BGN. Throughout its development, the company has applied a conservative method of non-debt financing.

These are key factors which have helped AIH maintain a sustainable and leading role as a holding structure operating under conditions of a global financial crisis and decrease in the asset prices in general.

In April 20111 AIH was awarded a long-term bgA3 rating and a shrotterm bg-P-2 rating with  a stable perspective by the Agency for Credit ratings and Analyses /ACRA/. AIH has been listed in Segment A of the official trading market of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia.